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Takeover Tuesday Part 2. Featuring: Therese

After spending 3 days getting to know Therese and getting to do her makeup at the end and really getting to engage with her, I asked her if she would write something for my blog. This was her input and when I received not only was I thankful for all the positive words she had to say, but that the experience that I really try to give women when getting their makeup done, others recognize. To follow Therese’s journey as she not only models but she is a photographer, you can go to her website: www.theresebniedbala.com or follow her on Instagram www.Instagram.com/thereseniedbala

I had the absolute pleasure to join Tyhree and Lee’s team for a couple days in Chicago. I was honestly quite intimidated because I had never worked with such a large corporate client before, let alone just the fact Tyhree and Lee were coming from New York was intimidating enough. Lee spoke so highly of Tyhree on my phone interview and prep, so I was already excited to meet and learn from her.
Being in Chicago’s modeling industry for a couple years now, I’ve worked with many makeup artists at all levels. I ‘m not the best judge of technical skill yet, but I can evaluate pretty well how comfortable the makeup artist makes someone feel, and how important that is before a shoot. I usually count on getting to know my makeup artists well before my shoots, and usually they get to know me well. It’s like the dentist a little bit: sometimes it’s hard to respond to the conversation you strike up if someone is touching your face or lips, but it’s incredibly more awkward if it’s just silences for the 30-60 minutes you’re together. I value the awkward conversation pauses more than no conversation at all, and I would assume most other people do as well. And this time is also essential for the energy cultivated before getting in front of the camera.
I didn’t get to know Tyhree that well during the days of shooting, I just noticed her and the clients stepping into her workspace. I already could tell by the fact she respected her client’s privacy and comfort by closing the door to the office they were given for the makeup room, to close off some embarrassment maybe they felt getting their makeup done in a working office. These clients weren’t all super comfortable with getting their makeup nor being in front of the camera, and I noted that Tyhree was trying to make them feel the best they could before they met me and Lee. The makeup artist is usually the first impression of the entire experience the client is having, so when our clients came to Lee and me, they had far less doubts, insecurities, or embarrassment because of Tyhree.
Once we wrapped up, I had the honor to sit in Tyhree’s chair. This is when all my observations were proven to be intentional because of the all the wisdom Tyhree innately has and has gathered over the years. We shared our back stories and Tyhree was able to walk me through why she makes the choices she does regarding working with people. She shared both advice for my photography career and my modeling career, which was so valuable to me. Tyree’s genuine honesty and energy are a splendor to be around.
The days I spent under their wings were some of the most valuable of my artistic career. So much so I printed the selfie we all took and it’s on my wall in my tiny French apartment as I’m studying abroad— so I can remember them and their lessons and know who I can always reach out to for more advice :-)

Photo Credit: Lee Seidenberg

2019 Tuesday Takeover

2019 was an amazing year, every year is about growth, learning, progression, self-reflection. Continuing my education, pushing myself to be a better artist, creative and networker as I tend to be more introverted in crowds.
It was a great year reflect looking back at everything in hindsight. I got to meet so many amazing women whom I had the opportunity to do makeup on. I wouldn’t be able to share them all because I truly got to meet, interact, and uplift many woman and men.
Not only did I get to travel to places and network with other people in other states in large companies but also Lee Seidenberg (www.leeseidenbergphotography.com) and I managed to make it to Chicago, Connecticut, Maryland, and doing an international campaign. Balancing traveling, personal life and working with my regular clients and seeing what they have accomplished in their personal lives and careers also pushed me harder.
In Chicago I got to meet an upcoming model and photographer who assisted lee named Therese. Therese who is stunning and beyond a talented photographer (she’s been here before) allowed me to do her makeup and give her some insight and coaching her in some modeling posing and finding her light.
In April 2019 I got to launch my own lash line (www.tshbeautylashes.com) which has been successful and such a blessing. It pushed my creativity and the roles; I play aside from makeup artist. My models and brand ambassadors who were awesome women whom I previously worked before, who went above and beyond to assist me in supporting my dream that I wanted to bring into fruition. Thank you everyone who was there for me in 2019 (Alyssa, Erica, Christina, Shantel, Nicole, Kat, Jilian, Shaina, Natalia Harris) and thank you to all those who will continue to support me in the future.
At the end of May going into June, I got to work with 2 amazing sisters Whitley Isa and Esosa Cheryl from Belgium. The amount of talent both of those women possess is unreal and I cannot wait to not only work with them again, so we can rejoin and see how much we all have grown together in our artistry. The shoots not only came out beautifully, the styling, the energy, and the focus was all there which is truly all you can ask for.
We are now halfway through the year, I was also hand-selected on a list by The H Hub, which is for creators (photographers, models, makeup artist). There are numerous makeup artists are on the app there was a list that came out The Top 22 Editorial Makeup Artists in NYC which was shocking, as The Hub is for creatives only. I had awakened after a long 3 days of shooting and to my surprise receiving a congratulations that I had made the “list”. There has always been an imaginary list in my mind but to be chosen by a platform strictly for the creators, and it was absolutely honor. Though being on the list was something just for me and for me to be proud of it did show other people how hard I am working.
o Thank you to everyone for your consistent support, love, and encouragement you absolutely made 2019 a year to remember.
o T.S.H.

Photo Credit of Therese: Lee Seidenberg

Thankful Thursdays

On January 24th, 2018, I was hired to do makeup for Herbal Essence social media, where I would be preparing the models whom would be having their hair done by Hair Ambassador of the brand Bridget Badger.
That day my first model was a beautiful, vibrant, fresh faced green eyed curly haired model by the name of Alyssa Rose. We got to chat while she was in the makeup chair and had conversation about our lives and how the new year was treating us. Little did I know that it was Alyssa’s 25th birthday as she just mildly mentioned it and I’m like when we finish, I must jazz you up more.
Throughout the day I did another model Stephanie who was so pleasant to work with and got to do Bridget’s touch ups and add my little touch to her makeup and chat about new hair and makeup products.
I didn’t know that leaving that shoot and exchanging numbers, I would be leaving with a friend who genuinely wanted to see me succeed, would reach out to see how I was doing and vice versa. Continuously throughout knowing each other we would send each other encouraging texts on random days not knowing if the person needed it or not but that someone was thinking of you and believed in you.
Alyssa showed up for me and modeled for a very important shoot in March of 2019 for the photographing of my lash line (www.tshbeautylashes.com) and she lives out near Coney Island, her doing that showed me how much she supported me as a friend and taking that train ride on her day off. I couldn’t have been more thankful for her being there that I felt I had to repay her in another way.
I knew that she had been wanting to update her headshots for acting and modeling, I also knew that was something I could help her with. I listened to what looks and roles she wanted to go for and what how she wanted to feel in the photos. I styled and shopped for Alyssa looking for the perfect looks so everything would come to life.

Alyssa’s Review:
When Tyhree offered to produce my shoot to update my portfolio, I knew I was in good capable hands. Being around like minded, passionate, detail-oriented individuals made the work feel almost effortless.
I tend to be indecisive or at a loss on deciding on what clothes or what “look” I want to achieve. (As model, I’m use to showing up and stylist choosing what I wear and I bring their vision to life) I knew what roles and jobs I want to go for, as I told Tyhree this, and BOOM instantly with her expert eye she knew exactly what clothes would be perfect and her suggestions didn’t put down my ideas, it defined them. She sent me pictures and all her suggestions took the idea to next level. While shopping for the shoot, texted me photos of her choices for my approval and I could tell that her priority was to make sure that I felt comfortable and confident in what I was going to wear. All I can say is, Tyhree’s guidance was breath of fresh air, it felt like effortless collaboration. She has such incredible eye, how she’s able to see an individual and highlight their strengths.

Be on the look out for Alyssa whom I like to refer to as A.Rose because she has gift and talent that is undeniable. I’m not a big fan of flowers but there is something about A. Rose, maybe it’s her vibrant smile and how she can make a room come to life or maybe it’s her kind spirit. This is a different type of Rose I’ll tell you that. Maybe she is The Rose that grew from Concrete.

Tyhree-Shinae Hall

Photo Credit: Lee Seidenberg

On August 23rd, 2019 I had the opportunity to work with rising models Myles Campbell (www.instagram.com/mylesacampbell/) and Natalia Harris (www.instagram.com/iamnataliaharris/). Also, joining a part of the team would be an emerging freelance stylist Michelle Iman McLaughlin (www.instagram.com/bohoelle/) and finally photographer Brandon Joe (www.instagram.com/badjoe/) who would be responsible for bringing us all together and we would be helping create his vision.
Myles was not only a part of Gucci’s Dapper Dan campaign and worked with Nike amongst numerous other brands he is also an active actor. Natalia is not only a beautiful model inside and out who is currently with State Management. Natalia is not only a model, co-author of the Unbroken Journey, but a strong cancer surThriver. Being featured in Vogue, Project Runway and NYFW while continuing to make strives of success.
Michelle who is a native New Yorker, who is a former executive assistant of Nicola Formichetti. She also has gained experience in fashion working with Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa, Rent the Runway, and finally Conde Nast. You can follow her journey as she also blogs and showcases her diverse skills and talent. (www.the-urbannomad.com)
Brandon who is such a versatile photographer, from shooting live music performances, weddings, portraits and various events. His website exhibits his skills, precision, and details. (www.thebadjoe.com/)
Though we had some obstacles throughout the day starting with rain for an outdoor shoot. While trying to accomplish our goal, we all kept positive attitudes, high energy and lots of laughter. It started out as a rainy day however it ended with the sun shining and an overabundance smiles as we persevered through the day.
The sun came out as we ended the day strong and just as bright as all our futures.

Until our next shoot, for your viewing pleasure.

Tyhree-Shinae Hall

Makeup Mondays

On August 3rd, 2019 a L.A. photographer and cinematographer Ryan Clemens (https://ryanclemensphoto.com/) (http://www.instagram.com/ryanlclemens/) would be visiting N.Y.C reached out to me regarding doing a shoot on August 16th in Brooklyn with an amazing, young, and fresh team. Everyone was newer to the industry, and so it would be great to work with fresh talent with new ideas, thoughts, and great energy.
Sophia Spero a young amazing model whom hadn’t graduated high school yet. She had the potential to be signing to an agency but is waiting to graduate high school. (https://www.instagram.com/sophiaspero/)
Steph Rose (https://www.instagram.com/stephiemicks/)
(https://www.styledbystephrose.com/) whom is a vibrant spirit whom was the stylist, we instantly had common interests of crystals and energy. We also had the commonality of doing what it takes to take the great pictures of a friend on their phone. Steph pulled 3 great looks all amazingly flattering to our model. Since Sophia was a younger model, we wanted to make sure that we kept her in age appropriate clothing and different looks to help her develop her portfolio.
Everything came together so beautifully and organically; I was beyond impressed with Ryan’s dedication to get a great shot whether that was getting on the floor or standing on a ladder. Not only did he make everyone feel comfortable as he was the only male on the team the stars had to have aligned as he was shooting on his birthday the day before he was leaving back for L.A.
Thank you, Ryan, for having me a part of your birthday. Sophia and Steph for trusting my vision regarding makeup and just being a delight to work with. I look forward to watching all your careers bloom.

Until our next shoot, for your viewing pleasure.

Tyhree-Shinae Hall

Women in Business Wednesday

Most recently I connected with an amazing woman by the name of Nubia, whom has now grown to be a client of mine. We initially connected because she was going to be taking new headshots and lifestyle photos to utilize in her writing career and PR business. We had an amazing interaction our first makeup session that we got the chance to work together again. This time she would be making an appearance on HipNewJersey.com to discuss her newest book The Survivors Club. Not only am I thankful to be a part of the beautiful journey that her career is taking her on but the monumental moments she won’t forget. Below is her bio that I added so that you can read more about one of the amazing women amongst many that I have the opportunity work with but so you can also follow her journey.
Nubia DuVall Wilson is an author, poet, journalist and the owner of Cielo Consulting PR, a boutique public relations and marketing agency. Her passion for poetry and short stories began at the young age of five and her professional writing career launched at Real Simple magazine in 2006. Shortly after, she penned a humorous blog that retold her outrageous encounters and observations of strangers in New York City and abroad called Encounters with Strangers, which become a book of vignettes with the eponymous name, published in June 2013 (Cielo Press). The Survivors Club is her first novella, inspired by her journey to heal as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Nubia graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in English and a minor in Religion. Learn more at www.nubiaduvall.com
Also follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/encounterswithnubia

She also had these wonderful things to say about me:
"Love love love Tyhree!!! First of all, she is an expert and knows how to apply makeup in a way that brings out your natural beauty and doesn’t make you look “over done” if that is the look you want (which is what I wanted). Next, she has a great personality! I enjoyed getting to know her during my session. I hired Tyhree for my new professional and lifestyle photos for my PR business and writing career and I am so in love with the results. She will always be part of my Glam Squad 😍🤩

Photo Credit: Jamie Meier @LiveloveMaplewood

On May 23rd, 2019 Whitley Isa, www.WhitleyIsa.com a portrait and fashion photographer from Belgium and I connected through email, after she came across my profile on the creative platform The Hub.

Coordinating from Belgium Whitley, along with her sister, videographer Esosa Cheryl www.esosacheryl.com whom would be visiting NYC and was trying to put together an amazing group of creative teams to do some collaborative shoots for portfolio work. Watching these 2 sisters work simultaneously in unison and complement each other was inspirational.

On June 4 we all came together, model Kirstie Patrice of State Management NYC https://www.statemgmt.com/new-york/models/women/direct/1438532/kirstie-patrice/instagram, stylist Savannah Louise www.savannah-louise.com and me Tyhree-Shinae Hall to work amongst these 2 talented women.

We would all be meeting and collaborating with each other the same day, which isn’t uncommon. However, the amount of positive energy, inspiration, and creativity that was in the room was guaranteed to make magic.

It’s always important for me as makeup artist to connect with the model or models I will be doing makeup on especially in collaborative shoots because everyone must do their part to get a great shot. Also, being that the model and I will be close to each other for an extended period, I want to make sure that there is a level of comfort, respect, trust and communication. It’s not just about the makeup application it’s about the overall experience, knowing that once it’s time to shoot I am their personal cheerleader.

Kirstie and I were able to develop great chemistry within minutes of our introduction as if we had known each other for a lifetime. Speaking about our birthdays, energy, love, light, positivity and goals that we are putting out into the universe.

Savannah’s styling and energy was complimentary to everything envisioned for the shoot. The details to accessories, mixture of different textures and fabrics were captivating. Keeping the overall look fashion forward and classic.

Not only was this a great team of creatives we all happened to be female and created a sisterhood within 4-5 hours. There was a story of photos, videos and behind the scenes that captured everything we wanted to represent. Women can be feminine; strong, in trend but classic, vulnerable but in control and empowered.

I am beyond thankful to have met these brilliant women, who were encouraging and present throughout our entire shoot. I’m grateful to be a part of a team of individually talented women. We managed to capture light, love and positive energy in an image.

Until our next shoot, for your viewing pleasure.

Unmatched Energy

Tyhree-Shinae Hall

The Hub is a platform that connects creators to each other and to brands and allows brands to connect with creators. Every member has applied and had their application accepted by a real person. They have hand-picked and curated the top 35,000+ creators in the country. This is an amazing platform to connect with other creators across the world so that we can view each other’s portfolios and be able to work together. I had the honor of be chosen as one of the Top Editorial Makeup Artists in NYC, with there being thousands of other artists in this dynamic city I am beyond thankful and grateful to be mentioned amongst my peers who have inspired me.