Takeover Tuesday Part 2. Featuring: Therese

After spending 3 days getting to know Therese and getting to do her makeup at the end and really getting to engage with her, I asked her if she would write something for my blog. This was her input and when I received not only was I thankful for all the positive words she had to say, but that the experience that I really try to give women when getting their makeup done, others recognize. To follow Therese’s journey as she not only models but she is a photographer, you can go to her website: www.theresebniedbala.com or follow her on Instagram www.Instagram.com/thereseniedbala

I had the absolute pleasure to join Tyhree and Lee’s team for a couple days in Chicago. I was honestly quite intimidated because I had never worked with such a large corporate client before, let alone just the fact Tyhree and Lee were coming from New York was intimidating enough. Lee spoke so highly of Tyhree on my phone interview and prep, so I was already excited to meet and learn from her.
Being in Chicago’s modeling industry for a couple years now, I’ve worked with many makeup artists at all levels. I ‘m not the best judge of technical skill yet, but I can evaluate pretty well how comfortable the makeup artist makes someone feel, and how important that is before a shoot. I usually count on getting to know my makeup artists well before my shoots, and usually they get to know me well. It’s like the dentist a little bit: sometimes it’s hard to respond to the conversation you strike up if someone is touching your face or lips, but it’s incredibly more awkward if it’s just silences for the 30-60 minutes you’re together. I value the awkward conversation pauses more than no conversation at all, and I would assume most other people do as well. And this time is also essential for the energy cultivated before getting in front of the camera.
I didn’t get to know Tyhree that well during the days of shooting, I just noticed her and the clients stepping into her workspace. I already could tell by the fact she respected her client’s privacy and comfort by closing the door to the office they were given for the makeup room, to close off some embarrassment maybe they felt getting their makeup done in a working office. These clients weren’t all super comfortable with getting their makeup nor being in front of the camera, and I noted that Tyhree was trying to make them feel the best they could before they met me and Lee. The makeup artist is usually the first impression of the entire experience the client is having, so when our clients came to Lee and me, they had far less doubts, insecurities, or embarrassment because of Tyhree.
Once we wrapped up, I had the honor to sit in Tyhree’s chair. This is when all my observations were proven to be intentional because of the all the wisdom Tyhree innately has and has gathered over the years. We shared our back stories and Tyhree was able to walk me through why she makes the choices she does regarding working with people. She shared both advice for my photography career and my modeling career, which was so valuable to me. Tyree’s genuine honesty and energy are a splendor to be around.
The days I spent under their wings were some of the most valuable of my artistic career. So much so I printed the selfie we all took and it’s on my wall in my tiny French apartment as I’m studying abroad— so I can remember them and their lessons and know who I can always reach out to for more advice :-)

Photo Credit: Lee Seidenberg